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Interested in walking or biking for everyday transportation or recreation?  Need to know how to get started?  Curious as to what gear you might need?  This page contains information on selecting and proper fit of equipment and clothing you might need, along with techniques to improve your enjoyment and personal safety as a cyclist or pedestrian.  The most commonly requested information sheets appear below. 

Getting around on bicycles with children
carrying_kids.jpg Riding with children is a great way to introduce kids to biking, teach kids healthy habits, and have outdoor adventures together. Learn about the different ways to bring kids along by bicycle, and you'll never have to choose between biking and spending time with your kids again.

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On-bike repair kit
bike_repair_kit.jpg A few tools and supplies can make your biking life much easier. This sheet walks you through assembling your essential on-bike repair toolkit.

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Avoiding and fixing flat tires
flats.jpg A flat tire can ruin any bike ride. Learn how to avoid and prevent flat tires, as well as how to fix your tire once it has a flat. Both equipment and riding technique are discussed.

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Locking your bike
locking_bike.jpg Love your bike? Learn to lock it properly, and you'll have it for many years to come. This resource page explains types of locks as well as locking techniques

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Taking your bike on transit
bikes_on_transit.jpg Bikes and buses are a natural fit. Buses help you go farther, faster than you could on a bike alone, while bikes help you reach the bus more quickly. Find out how to take your bike on transit in the Marin area.

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Basic bike safety check
safety_check.jpg Before you ride, follow these simple steps to make sure your bike is in good working order. Your ride will be safer and smoother once you learn these tips.

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Basic bike maintenance
basic_maintenance.jpg Bikes don't fix themselves! But if you follow these basic maintenance tips, you can keep your two-wheeled friend happy and out of the shop for longer.

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Helmets: does cost matter?
helmets_cost.jpg We all know that if you value your brain, you should wear a helmet while biking. This resource page will help you find a helmet that has all the important features and fit it perfectly to your head.

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Picking a bike
choosing_bike.jpg Do you need a road bike, a mountain bike, a comfort bike, or maybe one of each? Learn about the whys and hows of different bikes so you can choose the bike that works best for you.

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Pedals -- do you need clipless?
pedals.jpg Kids bikes have flat pedals, and pro cyclists use "clipless" pedals that lock to their shoes. But which pedal system is right for you? The answer: it depends on how and where you ride, and what you like. This sheet explains the different options available to you so you can pick pedals like a pro.

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Helmet fitting
helmet_fit.jpg We all know that helmets are a must. But how do you know if your helmet fits you right? Follow these simple steps, and your helmet will fit (and function) better.

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Racewalking -- what is it? How can you give it a try?
race_walk.jpg Walking can be great exercise and great fun. Did you know it can be a great competitive sport as well? Learn more about the sport of race walking, and maybe you'll be inspired to give it a try yourself with the local Marin Race Walkers.

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Finding the right walking shoe
walking_shoes.jpg Most of us don't think too hard about which shoes to wear when walking -- we probably just grab a pair of sneakers from the closet and leave the house. Old or ill-fitting shoes may cause you pain or injury, and definitely won't make your walking time a pleasure. This resource sheet 'walks' you through the basics of choosing walking shoes that are just right for your feet and body.

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Classes & Events


Looking for a class on bicycling skills, for you, your child, or one specifically for women?  Check out the schedule of classes offered by the Marin County Bicycle Coalition .

Walk & Bike Maps

Walking and bicycling maps are available for the following communities:

Find a Local Bike Shop!

Need a new tire for your wheeled friend?  Looking to get lights for night riding?  Is your bike in need of some mechanical TLC?  In the market for a new ride?  There are many bike shops across Marin ready to help you out.  You can find one near you here .  

Help Protect Your Bike:  Register It!

Nobody wants to have their bicycle stolen.  But if it is, one way to help get it back if it is recovered is to have it registered by linking your bicycle to you via its serial number.  A surprising number of bicycles are recovered every year but many times there is no way to contact the rightful owner since it was not registered.  Some bike shops maintain a registry of bicycles they have sold.  You can also register your bicycle with the Marin County Sheriff.  Find out about the Sheriff's registration program here .

Marin County Walking and Biking Toolkit

The toolkit was designed to provide community leaders from different environments with a resource guide and action plan for improving public health by promoting walking and biking at an organizational and policy level. You can download the full PDF here .

Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Guide for Parents and Youth

This safety guide is targeted to both parents and kids looking to walk and ride more, safely and comfortably navigating their communities. You can download the full PDF here .

Transit and Trails

Want to go for a hike or ride on public lands throughout the Bay Area and don't have a car?  Transit and Trails can provide you with trip ideas and directions and maps to get to hiking and bicycling trailheads using transit.




Do you have ideas for more resource sheets, or comments on the ones that are already up here? Please let us know.