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Fall 2009 Volume 2 Issue 4
In this Issue:

- Thousands Reached Through Summer Classes
- Lights On Brightens Autumn Streets
- Bike and Walk Rates Continue to Increase
Project News
- Los Ranchitos Bike Lanes Completed
- Sausalito Ferry Road Path Study Begins
- Sir Francis Drake Signals Get Bicycle Detection

Visit the WalkBikeMarin website- the best place to go for current updates about project news and happenings in Marin. Recent highlights include:

WalkBikeMarin Reaches Thousands Through Summer Classes and Programs

WBM Reaching Thousands
This past summer, WalkBikeMarin sponsored an array of outreach programs and classes for people looking to improve their bicycling skills and learn about the rights and responsibilities of bicyclists on the road. Nearly 200 adults attended classes including Street Skills and Confident Cycling to improve their bicycling abilities and learn about the legal rights and responsibilities of bicyclists on the road. Riding with Youth workshops generated impressive attendance records, reaching a total of over 100 children at area schools. More Riding with Youth classes will be offered next year in response to this interest.

In addition to classes and workshops, WalkBikeMarin staff took to the streets to spread the message of safe and healthy walking and bicycling. Share the Road checkpoints reached out to road users in seven different towns between June and October. Police officers cooperated with staff members at these checkpoints to distribute informational brochures to over 2000 drivers and 800 bicyclists, and reminded road users of the importance of traveling safely and respectfully. More than a dozen Share the Path events along Marin County’s multi-use walking and biking paths reached over 400 users. WalkBikeMarin staff engaged path users in a discussion about path etiquette and safety, and distributed free bicycling and walking maps, patch kits, stickers and bicycle bells. Look for more of these classes and events next year!

Lights On Brightens Autumn Streets

Lights On Campaign
On the evening of October 29th, the WalkBikeMarin Lights On campaign visited the Sausalito Bike Path at East Blithedale Avenue. Over three hours, staff counted nearly 150 cyclists using the path and engaged them in a discussion about safe bicycling. WalkBikeMarin staff distributed bicycle lights to twenty bicyclists and also gave away several Lights On T-shirts. The mission of the Lights On campaign is to promote the importance of staying visible for Marin County bicyclists as they ride into shorter fall days with darker mornings and evenings.

Lights On 2009 concluded on November 3rd, when about one in every four bicyclists stopped to get outfitted with free bike lights and expert installation by WalkBikeMarin staff. After the day was out and darkness set in, 33 new rear lights and 12 new front lights could be seen blinking safely across Marin County.

Biking and Walking Rates Continue to Increase in Marin County

WalkBikeMarin has released a new report showing weekday walking and bicycling traffic up 51% and 118% since 1999. The numbers reflect a trend of continued increases in bicycling and walking as Marin County implements bicycle and pedestrian encouragement programs and builds new bicycle lanes and paths as part of the Nonmotorized Transportation Pilot Program. The counts were conducted between September 8, 2009 and September 21, 2009.

The full 60 page report includes detailed information on the results of each count location, including notable finding such as the nearly 5,000 bicycles and pedestrians counted over two count periods at Bridgeway Boulevard and Princess Street in Sausalito. The complete report is available on WalkBikeMarin's Resource Documents page or click here to download a PDF directly.

Status report the latest WalkBikeMarin project news

With so many projects going on with the Nonmotorized Transportation Pilot Program, it's hard to keep track of them all! Here is a short summary of where just a few of these local projects stand now:

Los Ranchitos Bike Lanes Completed

Ranchitos Bike LanesConstruction on Los Ranchitos Road over the Puerto Suello Hill is complete and bicyclists can enjoy using new bike lanes on the road in both directions. Los Ranchitos is an important connection for bicyclists travelling between north and south San Rafael. With no bike lane or shoulder, bicyclists previously rode in the travel lane while climbing the steep hill. This sometimes resulted in unsafe passing movements by motorists, or congestion as cars waited to pass uphill bicyclists. The completion of the project, which widened the roadway to make room for the bike lanes, closes a key gap in the bicycle network. Final resurfacing and striping of the Ranchitos portion of roadway has been completed. The final segment between this project and the new Puerto Suello Hill pathway will be completed in the coming months as a component of the freeway project.

Sausalito Ferry Terminal to Gate 6 Road Path Study Begins

The WalkBikeMarin funded Sausalito Ferry Terminal to Gate 6 Road Path Study is underway! The City of Sausalito is working with project consultant Alta Planning + Design to develop the best alternative for connecting these two walking and biking destinations in Sausalito. The Ferry Terminal is a major bicycling destination for Marin residents and tourists as is the Mill-Valley Sausalito Path at Gate 6 Road. This Study will develop conceptual designs for joining the two attractions. The City has held two Technical Advisory Committee meetings so far, inventorying existing conditions and the opportunities and constraints for a path. Look for a public meeting in early in 2010 where initial path concepts will be shared with the public!

Sir Francis Drake Traffic Signals Get Bicycle Video Detection

SFD SignalTraffic signals on Sir Francis Drake Boulevard through Greenbrae and Kentfield have been upgraded with video detection technology. Video detection uses cameras mounted on signal poles instead of loops embedded in the pavement to detect vehicles at an intersection and send a call to the traffic signal controller to request a green light. Traditionally, loops have not always detected cyclists because they are activated based on the presence of metal, of which some bicycles have minimal amounts.

Markings have been added to the pavement to aid cyclists in the proper location to stop to request a green signal. The project was funded through a grant and is another facility improvement to enable and encourage cycling as a means to get around Marin. Additional intersections will be upgraded through funds from the Nonmotorized Transportation Pilot Program in the upcoming months. For information on those locations, click here.

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